Bobby Fisher

Tag: New York artist

Jeffrey Beebe

Mr. Beebe , of the Fucking Intellectuals clan…was conceived ‘back then’ in Western Refractoria. Living amongst ordinary fowl is the bete noire that haunts him. He has been known to thieve a nest or two when no bird is present.
Come experience his Copper Palanquin, it will appear soon for all eyes. Replete with Bucket Spirits and Thoughtless Exquisites.


E.V.Day’s beautiful Flamenco Tornado. You can view E.V.’s piece at the new Sephora location in the once down ‘n’ dirty meat packing district. Do they still pack meat there?…you ask. As of 2003 only 35 of the 250 slaughterhouses and packing plants present a century ago remained in that blood drenched enclave. Sayonara even toed ungulates & Konichiwa E.V.Day!