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Chef Roy Choi & Anthony Bourdain

Stepped out last night with Chef Roy Choi and Anthony Bourdain, to eat and talk book. Eddie Huang buried us deep in his “House of Bao”, constructed of cilantro and crushed peanuts, Taiwanese red sugar… and Berkshire Pork Belly. Sweet Bao fries dipped in hot soy milk…the epilogue. I left in the rain heading West on 14th and 3rd. Grooved on that block in 85′ catty corner to Disco Donut. Spent many a wee morning there after a healthy night out doing that thing that comes before Y. Nothing better to make a ball of alcohol and other ‘stuff’ feel closer to undead than stale crullers with an ‘Anthora‘ cup of Jo,…paired with a nonsensical soliloquy from John the ex- FBI man. Nina Hagen at The Palladium = 2 glazed and an egg cream. The Cult at The Ritz = a cinnamon twist with a vanilla milkshake. The Pogues at Danceteria = fried egg on a bagel with american cheese…and so on. That was then this is now. Strange times. Tony left me with some advice ‘don’t vote for Mitt, he has embarrassingly small feet. You ever seen his feet?..they’re Barbie feet’. Shit, I wouldn’t vote for Mitt even if he had Ken feet!


Name-dropping in picture form.