by Bobby Fisher

Bon Voyage by Jetsetter is the book. Ha long bay in North Vietnam is the place. Man giving dinner a lift is the picture.
Shot this through a dirty car window driving back to Hanoi after an afternoon floating around Ha Long bay…sipping 33 Export and munching on fresh crab….day dreaming of napalm and flowing Ao Dai. Sunrise, we drive to Da Nang. Standing on six feet of ruin I could see hill 696 in the distance. Monkey mountain. There I saw my father’s ghost run by. Tracers illuminate… he in skivvies and flack jacket. The words ‘Shit bird’ falling from his mouth like a grenade with the pin pulled. He was 36, ten years younger than I…impossible. The ocean cracked and he was gone. ‘Georgy Girl’ by The Seekers was playing on a transistor radio deep inside my head, it was distant and the volume perfect. When I returned home I asked Pops if he would ever go back and he replied…’why?, I didn’t leave anything there’.