Eric White

by Bobby Fisher

Kyoto, year of the dragon…karaoke ‘Dogtown’ style. The Japanese surf champ shoves a full glass of beer into his mouth…tilts his larger than life head and guzzles it down. He is legless and staggers into cartwheel imperfection as ‘The Painter’ and Boozoo sing a Pistols duet. The drunken gymnast’s feet clock someones whiskey…which sprays the 17th heiress of a Sake family from Niigata region’s face and kimono. The ‘whiskey shower’ tells me it’s time to float home where the toilets are warm and sometimes spit. Dreaming that night of great uncle Billy Hogaboom. The Rising sun took his life on a tennis court in the Pacific Ring of Fire. My dream…we surfed. ‘Brain buckets and chocolate bars fuck the stripes gimme the stars’…laughing and paddling as bullets zipped and whizzed. Back to earth and it’s early morn. Mitsubishi bus packed with…Sir Silverback, The Spaniard, Godfather of Skate, Lad Gadabout…catching the the tail end of a typhoon…lucky fucks! We paddle and laugh. The ocean cures the Suntory soaked brain. Arigato gozaimasu!