Trunk Magazine

by Bobby Fisher

The second issue of Trunk magazine is out there…somewhere. The founder and creative director is David Cicconi who as a former photo editor at Travel & Leisure sent me on some of my most memorable assignments to date. There was Northern China and a dangerously neglected tiger sanctuary, where one could purchase livestock and watch them turn into ‘deadstock’ while sipping a Tsing Tsao beer. The quirky four star Holiday Inn Harbin (which roughly equaled 1.5 western world stars) with it’s Irish pub and Thai synth band. Thank you expired codeine pills for making the Bangkok version of ‘The Thompson Twins Manchuria’ sound so good! Then onto Ecuador’s pink river dolphins, and the Vampire fish which can swim up your penis then launch it’s barbs and stay for a while. Having to drink ‘Ugly rotten teeth wife’ chewed chicha with a smile. Moi the Huaorani indian who carried a very sharp very long lance in which to impale priests trying to convert ‘heathens’ into god fearing Christians. ‘Convert this bitch!’ is what his trusty javelin seemed to whisper every now and then. He still manages to call whenever he’s in NYC mingling with our leaders at the UN. Phnom Penh is my kinda town with it’s bar girls gone wild, land mines, and the ever present ghost of Sean Flynn. Those were the days when men earned the mustache they wore! Great memories, damn good pictures. Thank you DC. In this second edition of Trunk my photos of Addis Ababa accompany Francois Spies travelogue entitled ‘Up A Road Slowly’. I can’t say I was mugged and then pissed on by roof riding goats as the writer was. However, I did have a Glock-19 flash 2 inches from my face by our never smiling body guard nicknamed Rambo. I believe his former employer was the infamous Derg. No wonder his smile divorced him years ago. Now go get yer Trunk, and open the fucker!